Infant Lead Teacher

Megan Peiffer

Infant Lead Teacher

Hello! My name is Ms. Megan. I am new to teaching in a classroom setting. I have taught swim lessons to children 4 months and up and decided to continue teaching outside of the water because I really enjoy being with little ones.

I have only lived in Virginia for a year, and I have enjoyed it so far. Moving from Pennsylvania, an area that is primarily farmland, to more “city” life for me was a change that I am still learning to navigate.

I am engaged to be married October of 2023. My fiancé has 3 children, ages 3, 5, and 15, which I play a large role in their lives. They are my babies and have influenced me to continue teaching.

I am currently a psychology major in school and plan on working towards being a child victim advocate. I am prior military and prior law enforcement. My hobbies outside of teaching include scuba diving, reading, hiking, hunting, and being crafty. I am a very outdoorsy type of person.

I look forward to growing with the little ones in my classroom and creating memories for them to take home with them.


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