Music with Ms Lolly


La La Music classes are a FUN way to introduce MUSIC into the HEART of any child! Children will explore music with rhythm, singing, movement, games, stories, instruments, and more! With a proven Music based curriculum, children will LOVE learning! We focus on all areas of education and motor development, including fine motor, gross motor, oral motor skills…all with Music and Fun!


ALL CHILDREN respond to music!! MUSIC stimulates the WHOLE BRAIN, promoting greater language development, better retention, and more complete grasping of concepts! Moving to the beat, singing, hearing sound patterns and rhyming words…it’s all about making learning active and fun! In our classes, Ms. Lolly will combine a few familiar tunes with many of her original songs! When it comes to building confidence, and helping young developing brains, “Music and Movement is a must”!

LEARNING becomes PLAY when it’s done the MUSICAL WAY!

FC Virginia Program with Coach Frans and Cory

FC Virginia Program is a uniquely designed program that will introduce soccer, hockey, handball, and other sports to your child in a fun, safe, and controlled environment. Coach Frans and Coach Cory work specifically with the students at the Good Beginnings, because of the relationships formed over the past few seasons, between students, teachers and parents.

Cory and Frans will be your coaches and director. Coach Frans is the Recreation Director at FC Virginia and has been involved in youth Sports for the past 30 years. Coach Frans has been the Director for over 100 afterschool programs for kids ages 3-12. Coach Cory is the Director of Coaching at FC Virginia, has a degree in Health Science from James Madison University and been involved in youth sports for the past 20 years. Every instructor has passed a Virginia State Police Criminal History Check, a current Child Protective Services Check, as well as a TB test.

Martial Arts with NOVA Karate


Classes are once a week, for 9 week session, while you are at work. We teach non-aggressive conflict resolution, stranger awareness, and strange animal safety within our program. All of this is mixed with lots of FUN!! We have uniforms, belt testing, board breaking, and tournaments, along with all that you would expect from a martial arts school, but right here at Good Beginnings School. The first term your child attends includes a FREE uniform.


Master Booe has been teaching and studying the Martial Arts for decades.


  • National Director for Hayastan Grappling Challenge
  • HapKido -5th Degree Black Belt
  • Isshinryu Karate - 1st Degree Black Belt
  • Judo - Blue Belt

Learn more about Master Booe at You can contact him at

Online registration available

Hip Hop Fusion with Ms. Danielle:

Students will learn technique and sportsmanship with fun and Hip-Hop technique development as the goals. The sessions will focus on learning technique with short choreographed routines incorporated tying together the individual training in a group dance setting.

Mission Statement: Mission is to provide an outstanding intensive dance class that prepares students both technically and socially for success in life.

Vision Statement: Students will engage themselves in the creativity of the arts. Students will learn discipline through training techniques, choreographed routines, manners and working together.

Core Objectives: The first objective is FUN. The second is to teach technique and open the door to creativity learning to express one’s self through dance.

Little People’s Workshop:

Little People’s Creative Workshop® has developed a time-tested dance program to introduce, guide, and nurture these abilities. Dance and theatre are universal languages in which all children can relate. Our Program is for Boys and Girls beginning at age 2. We give them a chance to experience dance and theatre in a fun and loving atmosphere among their peers. We are the only dance program that requires any instructor teaching young children in our programs to be professionals certified in the field of dance and dance education. In all classes your child will learn to move, create shapes with his/her body, and pantomime using proper technique that is developmentally age-appropriate and specific. Through dance and theatre children gain social and physical skills that will be helpful throughout their life. Our newsletter, “Footnotes”, goes home each month to keep you in-the-know of our progress. It is important to encourage creativity early in life. We would be honored to have your child join us.

The following are valuable skills your child will be learning from their classes at Little People’s Creative workshop:

  • Self-esteem and Self-confidence
  • Locomotor and non-locomotor movement skills
  • Names of muscles, how to stretch and warm them up properly
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination

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