For little ones from 6 weeks to about 16 months. Each baby's specific needs will be met. Every infant has his/her own parent made schedule for bottles, food (when ready), and naps. GBS provides diapers and wipes to help minimize what you need to bring to school.

Each child gets lot of love and attention while being read and sung to, as well as being exposed to many different experiences such as art, sensory and outdoor strolls.


Get your little one started on the learning path. This class is for children 16months—2 years old. GBS provides diapers and wipes and partners with each family as their child progresses towards interest in potty training. Your little one will have exposure to literacy, sensory, creative, and social learning each day that they are at GBS.

Early Preschool

This class is for 2—3 year olds. GBS continues to provide diapers and wipes for this class but focuses on completing potty training in this room. Here your children will be participating in pre-math, early literacy, and science and discovery lessons daily. The children in this classroom will work on growing their social skills and effective sharing and taking turns.


Here your 3-4 year old will aim to recognize upper and lower case letters, and letter sounds. They will also work on recognizing numbers up to 20 and work on math concepts such as ordering and sorting. They will get to explore science and sensory as well as dramatic and creative play. Communicating their feelings effectively, and practice their growing motor skills are additional focal points in this class. Children must be potty trained to attend this class.

Junior Kindergarten

GBS Junior Kindergarten’s program is designed to help our students meet the entry level standards that are required for success in GBS Kindergarten. 
To guarantee a quality program that will establish consistent results, a core curriculum for math and language has been selected for the GBS Junior Kindergarten program.  Based on our commitment to a phonics based program we offer level K curricula of Zaner-Bloser Activity Phonics  and Modern Curriculum Press text for language,  Zaner-Bloser Handwriting curriculum, Houghton Mifflin Math text for math and Macmillan McGraw Hill Science text and Weekly Reader Science Spin for science.  Additionally, level K Weekly Reader Magazine, Jr. Phonics Game; SRA Math Explorations Game is included in this core package.  Our Junior Kindergarten program makes every effort to achieve specific benchmarks with plans to expose our students to Virginia’s SOL for kindergarten level intending to match them as well.

In addition to our academic program, we offer art, music, dance, physical fitness and foreign language.  We also participate in monthly field trips that are unique and qualitatively appropriate.

We welcome all students and families who desire a sound learning environment and who share our core values in education.



Of School Eligibility

The accelerated Kindergarten curriculum includes the following core subjects:

  • language arts
  • science
  • math
  • social studies
  • reading

The Kindergarten uses the Modern Curriculum Press Phonics to develop phonics, vocabulary, word patterns and sorts, spelling, penmanship, reading and writing skills. Our reading program accommodates emergent through fluent readers by using a combination of A to Z Reading, SRA, and leveled trade chapter books in small literature groups. Students are taught to read using a strong phonetic foundation and sight words.

Students are taught vocabulary development, reading expression, spelling, language structure and comprehension through reading. Assessment is ongoing throughout the year.

The Houghton Mifflin textbook is used to teach first grade math skills. Children develop a strong understanding of number concepts 1-100, addition and subtraction strategies, time, money, fractions, spatial sense and patterns, place value to 100, number patterns, graphing and data, and numeration.

The McGraw-Hill textbook is used as a resource to teach Science. It encompasses Life Science through thematic units. The children learn animals and plants are living things, the sky, seasons and weather, caring for Earth’s resources, and sink and float.

Our Social Studies curriculum follows Loudoun County’s kindergarten and first grade’s SOL’s (Standards of Learning) for Social Studies. The children are introduced to the community, geography, American History and world culture.

The arts are incorporated across the curriculum throughout the school year in each thematic unit. The Kindergarten uses many different mediums to help the children express themselves in art. Children also learn through music and song.

The Kindergarten program strives to help children develop not only academically but also in the areas of independence, self-help, and social emotional skills. It also focuses on character growth and introduces core values. The values are taught through literature, themes and role playing, teaching values for life. The children are taught and given opportunities to practice good character in all areas of the school and at home. The children quickly learn that character counts in Kindergarten.

Field trips and monthly special events and days are used to enhance the curriculum and the themes of study.

A Kindergarten portfolio is ongoing throughout the school year to reflect the growth and academic assessment of each child.

Before/After School
Grades 1-5

The needs of school age children are unique and diverse. We offer a fun and safe experience that promotes exploration and social development. Our teachers combine interaction with independent activities such as listening stations, library, home living, computer games, and most importantly a designated area for homework with supervised access to the Internet.

  • Homework assistance with Internet
  • Arts & crafts, science, cooking projects
  • Sports and physical activities
  • Field Trips
  • Open on public school teacher workdays

Summer Camp

2023 Camp Brochure

For more information on our Summer Camps, please download the 2023 Summer Camp themes.

If your child is new to Good Beginnings School and will continue after summer camp, please click here to download the full admission forms and complete addendum (see below) like a current family.

For current families, download our summer camp registration addendum forms:

Young Preschool through Junior Kindergarten

Kindergarten through School Age

If your child is new to Good Beginnings School, or a returning camper for summer only, please download a Registration Form and provide a Physical Examination Form (Requires a Physicians exam & signature)




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