Toddler Asistant Teacher

Masoon Farhoud

Toddler Asistant Teacher

I was born in Ramallah in the West Bank and had my first 6 years of schooling there. To complete the rest of my education our family moved to the village of Beitin, also in the central West Bank. After being married two years, I came to America in 1993 with my husband and two sons. When I first arrived, I attended school to learn English. Five years later I became a naturalized citizen. I moved to Virginia from Wisconsin in 2011; what a noteworthy change that has been! In Wisconsin I worked at a private child care facility where I wore many hats; working with infants, driving the after school care bus, taking children on field trips and even dabbling in the kitchen when the cook was not available. This experience has trained me to be ready for just about anything!

I have been with Good Beginnings School, Reston campus, since February of 2012 and then moved to the Aldie campus in September of 2017. In December of 2019 I had to go back to Palestine for a family emergency, however, now I am back since February 2023.

I enjoy very much being here with everyone. The children are a delight and it gives me great pleasure to watch them grow in all areas – physically, intellectually and socially! I enjoy cooking, walking and traveling overseas to visit my family in Palestine. We have four beautiful adult children and an amazing grandson.


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