Early Preschool Lead Teacher

Ashley Yuan

Early Preschool Lead Teacher

I am Ms Ashley. I have been with Good Beginnings since the summer of 2010 when I first started off as a summer camp counselor. I myself attended GBS as a little girl and am excited to be here again! I officially moved to the Aldie campus from our Reston location in 2016. I am currently studying Early Childhood Education at Marymount University.

I have worked with 2 year olds through school age as a long-term sub and floater in all age groups. It’s a great joy working with this current EP class and I hope that I can provide them with a fun and instructive atmosphere. My favorite activity is art, so keep an eye out for all the art projects I will be doing with the kids. I also incorporate music and movement into the curriculum as another method to building their learning through fun, interactive experiences.

Personally I really enjoy art and cooking! D.C. has many wonderful art galleries however my most favorite is the Hirshhorn. When it comes to cooking, I love trying all kinds of different recipes from around the world. Not all attempts go well but I will eat almost anything so it tends to work out in the end. I’m a big fan of baking too and far more successful at it as well!


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